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This offer is for the first 20 people who by the DVD, build a Papercrete Tow-mixer by the plans on the DVD and send me photos and one video clip of their Tow-mixer.

Here's how it works:

If you buy my DVD and make your Tow-mixer according to the instructions on the DVD, you may qualify for a full refund of the DVD price. Just take 10 digital, color photos of the construction steps and 2 minutes of digital video of your Tow-mixer in use (loading the mixer, mixing a batch of anything, dispensing into molds), and send them to me (for inclusion on this web site). If you are among the first 20 people to do that, I will refund what you paid for the DVD (minus shipping).

I will then add your photos and video to this web site to show the whole world what you did - you'll be famous!

Photos and video must be clear (not blurry/shakey) and of reasonable quality and must show you and your mixer in various stages of construction/assembly and operation. If I determine that the photos and/or video are not of good enough quality to qualify for inclusion on this web site (I reserve the right to expect good stuff), I will request you to supply better ones. So please take good photos and steady video of your mixer. I want you to qualify, and I want your photos and video to represent your excellent work in reasonably good quality.

After 20 submission have been accepted, I will accept further submissions for inclusion on this web site, however the refund will not apply to those submissions made after the first 20 have been accepted. So you may still be included and become famous, but you will not receive a refund on your DVD.

I reserve the right to not include any material submitted for any reason. For example, if this web site already has enough examples represented, I may not include more. However...

If you make an especially good or otherwise remarkable Tow-mixer, tell me what makes it extraordinary (if it's not obvious from the photos) and I will consider its inclusion, based on its merits.

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