DVD Contents

The DVD contains a movie (54 minutes) which plays like any DVD movie, and takes you through the chapters below automatically and without pause. You can, of course, pause and rewind the DVD like any other movie.

There are also menus listing all chapters, so you can go back and view any chapter directly, by clicking on it in the list.

Here follows a list of all chapters and files on the DVD:

1. Introduction
2. What is Papercrete?
3. What can you make with Papercrete?
4. Types of papercrete mixers
5. The Papercrete tow-mixer

How to Make a Tow-mixer

6. Tools and materials you will need
7. Construction sequence overview
8. Axle/Differntial: Chassis construction
9. Plywood Base construction
10. Tank and Nozzle construction
11. Cover construction and mixer completion

Making and Using Papercrete

12. Making Papercrete - our first attempt
13. Batch-making - the system we developed
14. Block-making - pouring into gang-molds
15. How to make a gang-mold - construction
16. Improvements - make your mixer better
17. New Blade design - my idea for a better blade
18. Mass Production - batch- and block-making
19. Papercrete Buildings - samples of shelters
20. Conclusion - final words and thanks

A folder called RESOURCES on the DVD contains additional information, drawings, graphics which can be viewed and printed from any computer.

The entire movie is narrated (by me) in English. There are no subtitles or translations into other languages on this DVD - perhaps in future if there is enough interest.

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